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Remedial & relaxation

Experience the transformative power of remedial massage in a nurturing environment designed to help you reconnect with your body.  In this unique and intuitive healing massage experience, we bring together the art of touch therapy and science to create a space where you can truly listen to your body. 

I’m Kelly​ a fertility, womb and remedial massage therapist, somatic sexologist, woman’s pleasure practitioner, reiki master, yoga teacher mother to three beautiful children, a wife and lifelong learner. My desire is to help you to understand, reawaken, restore and to truly heal your body physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

60 minutes $105

90 Minutes $150

Health fund rebates available for private health insurance

Remedial massage therapy & Relaxation massage options

No two bodies are the same, and sometimes we don't even know what we need. Having a massage from an intuitive healer can change everything about the experience and turn it into a truly healing and connected moment that leaves you relaxed, and feeling ready to take on life.

My sessions are holistic and tailored to each and every client. Guided by my intuition I will read your body and use my extensive training, education, and wisdom to work both from an anatomical, emotional and energetic perspective. My approach is collaborative; I believe in working with you to find and create what works best for you and your body on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

The details

How long are sessions?

Session are  either 60 or 90 min



6/34 Baynes St, Margate

What it feels like?

My massages are all with a remedial undertone, even the relaxation ones, with the desire to release aches and pains in the body.

In our session together we unravel tension patterns that are held in your body's muscular and fascia systems. This has a knock on effect allowing the nervous system to settle down and unwind giving you an overall feeling of calm and connects you to your body. By enabling your body to find a point of relaxation during a remedial massage it helps you feel the benefits long after your session has finished.

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