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Yoni mapping

Pelvic Therapy

Are you ready to feel fully alive and connected to your body?

Do you need to strengthen or release tension in your pelvic floor muscles? 

Are you seeking support recovering from sexual or gynecological related trauma?

Have you been struggling with pain during penetration or when you are bleeding?

Do you want to experience more pleasure and sensitivity during sex

Yoni Mapping Pelvic Therapy

Yoni Mapping Pelvic Therapy combines coaching, sexual anatomy, and pleasure education with pelvic, abdominal and internal bodywork.

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for both the female genitals and the uterus. It means “sacred space” and “source of all life”. For many reasons, we have become disconnected from the sacred nature of our sex and sexuality which often leads to disease and discomfort. Yoni mapping supports you to reconnect to your body, heal and reclaim your sacred space.


This highly specialised holistic pelvic care for women is designed to gently and safely release physical and emotional tension held within the yoni. This process is for anyone with a female pelvis, at any age or stage of life and can be preventative as well as curative. 

Reasons to do Yoni Mapping Pelvic Therapy:

  • Release tension in muscles, ligaments, and tendons within the pelvic bowl

  • Increase sensitivity to experience more pleasure and orgasmic sensation

  • Regain a healthy pelvic floor after childbirth / prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth

  • Relieve menstrual pain

  • Learn about sexual anatomy, orgasm, sex and self-pleasuring

  • Heal from sexual or medical trauma

  • Rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles, remediate scar tissue, and assist prolapse

  • Bring fresh blood flow, increased circulation, and awareness to tissue within the yoni

  • Feel more connected to your pelvis, yoni, and feminine energy

  • Release shame or guilt in relation to sexuality and sensuality

  • Be more empowered and in control of your body

What happens in a yoni mapping pelvic therapy session:

Yoni mapping sessions are approximately 3 hours long and consist of a consultation and pelvic education, followed by bodywork. Consent is an integral part of this work and so the whole session will be conducted at your pace and tailored to your body's needs.  


Consultation: we will spend some time getting to know each other and what has brought you to yoni mapping. This is a completely non-judgemental space where you can share anything you feel is important around any issues or pain you may be experiencing. We will take care so that you feel at ease before bodywork and will create an intention for the session.


Bodywork: our massage therapy will begin with full-body relaxation. This can include breast, womb, and belly massage to release tension and encourage blood flow and sensitivity to the reproductive organs and pelvic bowl, preparing for internal work should you feel comfortable to do so. I have spent 2 decades as a remedial massage therapist, working with clients to help release tension from their systems and understand how their body, mind, energy, and emotions are all connected so you are in good hands.


Pelvic mapping: you are free to communicate throughout the whole session and if you feel ready we will start with mapping the outer area of your hips pelvis and yoni. With your permission, we will continue to massage your internal pelvic floor muscles. Together we will create an internal map as we explore the trigger points, pleasure spots, numbness, tension, and painful areas of your feminine landscape and restore blood flow and gently release any tension and feel into any emotions that may come up for you. 

Integration: when it feels right we will gently bring the session to a close-by wrapping you in a rabozo (a sacred woven cloth) and bathing you in crystal sound healing (yummy!). This is deeply nourishing for your whole body and will allow you to soak in and integrate your experience.

Aftercare: I will give you a full aftercare briefing in person but please allow for further integration time after your sessions.

Yoni Session Description

Sessions, investment & Booking your treatment

How many sessions do I need?

I recommend minimum 3 sessions for the best results. Having more than one session allows us to go deeper with the practice and work with what comes up for you between sessions. It also allows for you to be more comfortable with the process and more attuned to what’s arising during our time together. 



Your first session is always a little longer due to an in-depth consultation, please allow 3 hours.

Subsequent follow up sessions are 90 minutes.


$400 for the first session 

$140 for follow up sessions

Please note the full balance must be paid in advance of treatment.

Investment Options
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