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Words from my clients

Anna k.

I had a beautiful relaxation massage with Kelly today. It was just what my body needed. Loved it so much have rebooked monthly. Thank you!

Grant G.

Just had my first massage with Kelly today,I felt so wonderful, like I was floating on air,I would recommend Kelly any day to everyone, as she has magic hands with alot of Experience and Knowledge, thank you Kelly,I will be back real soon for another massage.

Jessie-Leigh P.

Currently floating on a cloud

Have just received the best massage of my life.

I really cannot recommend Kelly enough.

From the minute you walk into her beautifully set up studio, you are put at ease. The atmosphere is calming and Kelly's personality matches.

She is so knowledgeable, caring and attentive. Worth her weight in gold.

Cynthia S.

Kelly is AMAZING no need for any other massage therapy!!!!

Bear w.

Kelly does an amazing job and has worked on our family for the past 12 months. Kelly has worked wonders on my children and they love seeing her for their massage. Afterwards the kids are calm, relaxed and happy.

Simone D.

What an amazing woman Kelly is. Not only is she a brilliant massage therapist but every time I leave her practice I feel like she has holistically cared for me. Kelly knows the exact massage I need each time & is so in tune with that but then gives a different massage to my husband for his different needs being a runner.

We can’t recommend her enough.

Ashleigh M.

Kelly was really great and attentive. I had a pregnancy massage and am looking forward to my next hour of bliss. Thanks Kelly!

Danielle p.

Kelly is an ANAZING massage therapist very informative and really works on problem areas. I felt really relaxed afterwards and had the most amazing sleep. If you try Kelly you will not be disappointed.

Sarah J.

I have just had my first massage by Kelly and will definitely be rebooking. Total relaxation whilst also working on my problem areas. Feel amazing and some great after care advice too! Highly recommend.

Wallis H

Kelly is truely amazing at what she does. My husband and I have been throughly enjoying our weekly massages while Kelly has been working her way through some serious muscle tension. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone and love that her service allows us to have massages in our on home not having to worry about our kids!

Malcolm L.

I recommend Kelly for an all over body massage. I have had several from her and feel great afterwards.

Mary L.

Kelly is the best Remedial Masseuse I have come across. I have had, on several occasion, Sciatic nerve pinch. Kelly has worked the pinch away every time. Love your work Kelly.

Monica R.b.

Kelly is great. She knows where the tension is and how to release it. Soft when I need it, firm when I need it. Thank you Kelly!!

Nancy L. 

I have been going to Kelly for many years as she understands my neck and shoulder issues that contribute to migraines. She is also great at relieving aches and pains from my job as a professional house cleaner.

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