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This wand is a sweet starter for any women who is curious about exploring their sensual, sexual self. Bare Essential is a magical tool for any wand collection and the perfect pleasure gift for your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.

This crystal pleasure wand is great for solo or partner sex and is designed to smoothly and sensually massage the vagina for increased sensation and deep pleasure, bringing a higher level of connection to your body and self-love. This wand comes in a range of beautiful, toxic, BPA and phthalates free crystals so that you can work with the energetic property of your choosing. This means as you raise your capacity for pleasure and orgasm you can also raise your vibration and consciousness.


CLEAR QUARTZ is a colourless crystal and one of the most popular healing stones used throughout the world. It has a high vibrational quality which amplifies healing and manifestation when working with intention. This is the most versatile crystal energetically to use internally and can be used for any internal practice purpose.



This listing is for the CLEAR QUARTZ Bare Essential Wand.

Crystals hold energetic properties and just by holding a crystal or placing it on certain parts of your body it can promote healing through its specific vibration or frequency. This is particularly true when working internally with our crystal wands.


Before you read on, take a few deep breaths and drop into your body and into your yoni. 


 Ask yourself why you are here and what aspects of this space you’d like to work with in using a wand. 


Then notice how your body feels and trust your intuition as you look at our crystal options:


Also available in • Amethyst • Rose Quartz


This wand is for you whether you’re stepping into your sexual exploration or healing journey or are already a pleasure practice pro. The Bare Essential is the ultimate, must-have, bare essential crystal wand.



Bare Essential Wand - Clear Quartz

SKU: 217537123517253

    • Dimensions: 17x 4 x 2.2cm
    • This product also comes with 1 x dusty pink linen pouch for safekeeping
    • Plus brochure with instructions on how to use the product.

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