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The Wise Woman Wand - This elegant glass wand is a powerful tool for women ready to empower and re-educate themselves in their own wisdom, pleasure and yoni wellness.


 This curiously curvaceous wand is designed specifically for deep internal exploration. Its long s-shape bend makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre so you can focus your attention inside on sensation for yourself care or self-pleasure practice.


The Wise Woman Wand is an incredible tool for releasing internal pelvic tension that can cause pain and numbness in the tissues of the pelvic floor muscles and cervix. Tension held in the tissue can also create energetic and emotional blockages and trauma which affects a woman’s ability to experience mind-blowing pleasure and cosmic orgasms. Through regular, conscious use, these blockages can be gently massaged out and the pleasure receptors and nerve endings re-sensitised. This leads to less pain and discomfort during sex and greater arousal and heightened pleasure. 


 This glass wands length allows you to touch all those tricky to reach, unexplored parts of yourself for a fully effective yoni mapping session. It has a doubled ended function with the round head of the wand designed to massage out tension from the cervix while the more narrow, ridged end can be used for g-spot stimulation. So, after the “work” is done, there is no need to rule out a cheeky orgasm!


FINE PRINT - Suggested use

For many woman trauma within the womb space can be caused from many different events in our life, from childbirth to an ex-lover, whatever it may be for you, I understand doing this type of work can become very overwhelming. For women who are after the benefits of The WISE Woman Wand, but not sure where to start, I am happy to answer any questions.  Email me at, and we can arrange a session or I can refer you on to someone who may be better suited to help.

The Wise Woman Wand

SKU: 284215376135191

    • Dimensions: 27cm X 2x3cm
    • Property: Imperfection free glass
    • This product also comes with 1 xdusty pink linen pouch for safekeeping
    • Plus brochure with instructions on how to use the product.
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