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Using a YONI EGG on a regular basis, can help relieve pelvic tension, help release emotional blockages, and assist in building strength in pelvic floor muscles.

What are the benefits of putting a crystal egg in my yoni you ask? Something a lot of women have in common is that we are really disconnected from our womb space. For me personally, using a yoni egg was the beginning of my healing process.



Here’s how I use my eggs: Starting with my new, beautifully crafted crystal egg, I begin by cleansing my egg with warm soapy water and doing a short meditation, then inserting my egg into my yoni, to help build your womb-space connection. You will receive specialised instructions with your egg purchase, about how to make your first time use special and magical.


EGG SIZE (43mm x 30mm) - It’s a great size for anyone just beginning their healing journey with a YONI EGG. You could keep this egg in for longer periods of time, for example, while doing a yoga class or sleeping.


Crystals hold energetic properties and just by holding a crystal or placing it on certain parts of your body it can promote healing through its specific vibration or frequency. This is particularly true when working internally with our crystal eggs..

Before you read on, take a few deep breaths and drop into your body and into your yoni.


Ask yourself why you are here and what aspects of this space you’d like to work with in using a wand.


Then notice how your body feels and trust your intuition as you look at our crystal options.


Please choose your crystal option from the drop-down menu.

This product also comes with 1 x dusty pink linen pouch for safekeeping, plus brochure with instructions on how to use the product.

Yoni Eggs

SKU: 126351351935
  • Available in -

    • BLACK OBSIDIAN - $45

    • CLEAR QUARTZ - $55

    • ROSE QUARTZ - $55

    • AMETHYST - $60

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